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Exercising is the best remedy for good health. It keeps you fit by burning your extra calories and in turn helps you lose weight. It is not necessary to go to the gym and do strenuous exercises for hours to look a certain way. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to hit the gym and would rather stick to traditional means of staying fit, then read on to know how.  

1.Using Stairs 

stair exercises

Most of us avoid stairs and use lifts instead. But using stairs is one of the best exercises to stay fit and stair climbing workouts can be practiced regularly to stay in shape. Climbing stairs improves your fitness, strengthens your bones, legs and reduces extra deposits of fat on your tummy and hips, thereby strengthening your muscles. 


dancing exercises

Dancing is amazing to incorporate as an exercise routine that helps you to maintain your weight. It elevates your mood and gets you all groovy and jumpy! Something you’d love to do if you love to dance and stay in shape at the same time. Dancing also helps in getting your mind relaxed. All you need to do is create a dancing exercise routine that can be for as short as thirty minutes and last however long you want it to be. There are various dance routines that can be practiced to help you lose weight and gain fitness while enjoying your moves. 


walking exercises

Walking regularly is the best exercise for sound health. It not only helps to manage your weight but also has several other benefits on health. Morning walk helps to improve blood circulation in your body. The fresh air you breathe during these walks energizes and revitalizes your mind, body and soul. Walking helps to prevent major diseases like blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid etc. Walking makes you active, tones your muscles and strengthens your bones along with keeping you fit inside out.  


sports exercises

Sports be it football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, cycling, skating, swimming, cricket or even athletics etc. are really good for maintaining an ideal body type. Sports help you burn your calories very quickly, improve your heart health and tone up the overall muscles of your body. They are not only fun to engage in but also help to keep yourself not just physically active but mentally active too. Sports are stress busters and help to improve blood circulation in your body making you stronger, healthier and fitter. 


Yoga exercises

Yoga for weight loss is one of the major reasons why people around the world have started incorporating Yoga into their daily life routine. It is great for breath control, meditation and control over your body postures. It is an effective way to increase your physical activity, enhance flexibility and add strength to your body. Yoga exercises help you to relieve stress which is the cause of various diseases. Practicing Yoga regularly helps you to reduce extra kilos, while putting your mental and physical being at balance along with keeping you healthy, fit and energetic.

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