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Thinking about sipping your way to a slimmer waistline? If there is such a thing as a magical potion for weight loss, it has to be weight loss drinks specifically designed for this purpose. Incorporating calorie-burning weight loss drinks into your routine can increase the effectiveness of any diet.

Some are better than others, which is why we have compiled the best weight loss drinks for you. There are so many different weight-reducing drinks out there and it is quite possible to get confused about which ones work and which ones don’t. With so many fad diets emerging in recent years, it’s hard not to feel like every new drink coming along must be some sort of miracle elixir for fast weight loss. But how do you know which drinks are worth trying?

Here’s what you need to know about the best weight loss drinks that actually work – 

Is Green Tea a Good Weight Loss Drink?

Green tea is one of the most commonly used weight-loss ingredients. While the exact mechanisms behind its effects are still not fully understood, green tea has been shown to reduce body fat, optimize body fat percentage and prevent the storage of excess body fat (especially in the abdomen). A 2009 study published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism found that green tea extract helped regulate blood sugar, increase fat oxidation (i.e., the burning of fat for energy) and prevent the release of compounds that trigger increased fat storage. A 2012 review published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition concluded that both green tea extract and green tea beverages were effective at reducing body weight and waist circumference. Therefore, it is easy to say that green tea works well to improve metabolism and reduce belly fat.

stevia Weight Loss DrinksHow to Make Coffee and Cinnamon Your Go-to Weight Loss Drink?

Coffee is one of the most popular weight loss drinks out there. Fitness freaks include it in their diet to provide ample energy for an intense workout. But when it comes to fat-burning properties, not all coffee is created equally. Coffee Beans: Coffee beans are rich in antioxidants, which have been shown to speed up metabolism, reduce body fat and prevent the build-up of excess fat in the arteries. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and has been shown to reduce blood glucose levels and insulin resistance, both of which are linked to an increased risk of obesity

 A combination of coffee powder and cinnamon has shown promise in increasing metabolic rate and fat oxidation. The combination drink increases metabolic rate and improve metabolic rate and improve insulin sensitivity, which can help you lose? weight. 

Do Nutritional Shakes Make a Good Weight Loss Drink?

You might have seen ads for protein shake diets that promise a fast-track body transformation. Well, do they work? Yes, but only as long as you keep buying the shakes. Studies have found that a daily high-protein shake, fruits, and vegetables led to an average weight loss of about six pounds after 12 weeks. More studies found that a daily high-protein shake along with fruits, veggies and healthy carbs led to an average weight loss of almost 13 pounds after 12 weeks. While these shakes are certainly better than skipping the meal entirely, they are not a magic bullet for fast weight loss. You can expect to lose a modest amount of weight if you replace one meal per day with a shake. It is better to include other healthy habits like regular exercise and a healthy diet along with these shakes for maximum benefit. Since each body is unique, it is better to consult a nutritionist to understand how much protein should be included in your diet for overall wellness. 

Is Water with Lime & Lemon a Good Weight Loss Drink for Belly Fat?

When most people think of antioxidants, they think of vitamins and other nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. But some antioxidants can be found in other food items as well. Lemons and limes are rich in flavonoids, which are antioxidants that have been shown to reduce body fat, increase fat oxidation and improve insulin sensitivity, which is linked to better weight control. Studies have found that people who consumed flavonoid-rich water experienced a significant increase in metabolic rate, compared to those who drank water without flavonoids. While this is not a magic elixir for fast weight loss, it’s definitely worth a try.

Fruit and veggie smoothies as Yummy Weight Loss Drinks

While most people think of smoothies as a sweet treat, there are some nutritional benefits to be gained from drinking them daily. A study published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology found that vitamin C, vitamin E, flavonoids and anthocyanin were present in higher quantities in blended fruits and vegetables, compared to their unblended counterparts. Another study found that drinking a smoothie rich in vitamins and antioxidants led to a significant improvement in blood lipid profile, compared to a control group who did not drink smoothies. However, a word of warning: While smoothies provide numerous nutritional benefits, they are also a great way to pack in lots of added calories. If your goal is to lose weight, be sure to reduce the amount of fruit and sweeteners like sugar or honey you put into your smoothie.

smoothie Weight Loss DrinksStill Confused on How to Make the Best of These Weight Loss Drinks? Contact AKARA!

Before you read any further, know this: The best weight loss drinks are the ones that you not only enjoy drinking but are suitable for your body. If your body can’t stand an ingredient that these studies are claiming to be working wonders on others, chances are that it does not suit your body. We have seen many who get acid reflux after having coffee or even green tea, and we have seen clients that get side effects after having protein shakes. Your body tells you a lot, you just need to listen to it. We at AKARA, provide the best nutritional advice and we also have the most advanced and trusted weight loss technologies that are non-invasive, painless, ad effective. So, fret not and consult a weight loss expert at AKARA today. AKARA by AAYNA is a weight management clinic by the renowned dermatologist, DR Simal Soin. Drop by any of our centres in Delhi and Ludhiana and start your health and wellness journey today. 

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