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Eating healthy plays a key role in your weight loss transformation. While focussing on the calories burned, we also should be mindful of the calorie intake. People often search for the foods best for weight loss and the list is so long that it might be overwhelming for many. A healthy diet nourishes you while also becoming a tool aiding in weight reduction.

Having such food items is recommended to avoid taking the extra calories daily. To create the perfect diet to aid you in your weight loss journey, we at AKARA have come up with a list that involved the name of foods best for weight loss.  Be it the fruits you have with breakfast or between meals or other plant and animal protein-rich foods, we have tried to make a list of easily available foods.

Foods Best for Weight LossList of Foods Best for Weight Loss

1. Eat your Greens – Have your parents ever asked you consistently in your childhood to finish your leafy greens? Were you also encouraged to eat spinach by your favorite cartoon series, Popeye: The Sailor Man? Yes, your parent and Popeye are right about the leafy green veggies. Not only are they loaded with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, leafy greens are extremely beneficial in weight loss. Leafy green veggies like spinach, kale, collards, and lettuce, all are great for managing weight while providing you with the right energy and nutrition.  You can add them sauteed or plain in your healthy salad or you can make a low-calorie soup to add them to your meal. Many leafy veggies are also proven to be great in your weight loss smoothie.

2. A Bouquet of Cruciferous veggies – The common vegetables that belong to the cabbage family are also great in aiding your weight reduction. The cabbage family vegetables are also called Cruciferous vegetables and they are known for their abilities to aid in weight loss. They are rich in protein and fiber and are also known to reduce the risks of multiple diseases like cancer. They boost overall immunity and keep your gut healthy too. Some of the commonly available cruciferous vegetables are kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, garden dress, bok choy, mustard plant, brussels sprouts, etc.

3. An Apple a Day – Low in calories and high in fiber, apples are amazing for health. They are eaten as a whole or added to your fruit salads, or they can be a delicious addition to your smoothies. Apples are used to curb hunger with their hydrating water content and high fiber. The pectin fiber present in apples breaks down slowly. Having 2-3 apples a day regularly will cut your energy intake and your satiety will be promoted. For a nutrient-rich breakfast, add other seasonal fruits to your fruit salad along with apples and enjoy the crunchy snack for weight loss.

4. Yoghurt for Belly Fat – Be it Greek yogurt or low-fat traditional yogurt, the delightful serving is low in calories. Yogurt is satiating and is rich in protein. It is known as one of the foods best for weight loss and to shed extra pounds from the belly. It has a high amount of calcium and healthy bacteria that promote a healthy gut and lowering of abdominal fat. Yogurt can be eaten with muesli, oats, fruits, or as a plain serving for fat reduction.

5. Eggs to Kickstart your Day – You must have seen many fitness enthusiasts hogging their eggs. This is because the egg is rich in protein and helps in building muscle. They are low in calories and are best for a breakfast option. One of the best breakfast items, eggs promote weight loss and give you energy enough to do outdoor activities and work out. A single egg is rich in vital nutrients and therefore it can be made sunny side up, poached, boiled, or in an omelet to aid in your body’s transformation.

6. yummy Dark Chocolates – Dark chocolates are one of the unique options to add to your weight loss food list. When taken moderately, dark chocolates are known to reduce the hormone that is associated with weight and hunger – Ghrelin. Dark chocolates reduce the Ghrelin levels to curb hunger and cravings and provide energy. It is a snack that can be taken before an intense workout session or in the morning to keep you energetic throughout the day. So, if you crave chocolates during your weight loss journey, you can have dark chocolate and it will be a great substitute as well.

7. Oatmeal for Slimmer Waist – Oatmeal or Oats are packed with high fiber, antioxidants, and many vital nutrients. It is one of the most popular foods to be taken as breakfast. It can be either cooked with skim milk, yogurt, or fruits. You can also prepare creative oats recipes to soothe your tastebuds. They are also a great addition to your weight loss smoothies and can replace milk to make vegan smoothies too. Oats can curb hunger for a long time and therefore they can be eaten replacing a meal during the day providing energy, satiety, and nutrients needed by your body.

Foods Best for Weight Loss

Foods Best for Weight Loss with AKARA

There are many foods best for weight loss and you can find them easily in your nearby grocery store. But if you need help in addressing other issues along with weight loss like diabetes, obesity, or PCOS, you can contact AKARA. In AKARA’s Alchemy program, we prepare healthy diet plans customized according to your concerns and weight loss goals. Finding weight loss foods is easy but the real struggle is knowing how much of a regular intake is needed and how to create a diet inclusive of them. You can consult an AKARA weight loss expert today and get help in creating your diet to aid in weight loss. We have India’s top nutritionists at our trusted weight loss clinic in Delhi and Ludhiana and therefore, you can call or come for a visit anytime to address your weight concerns.