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Festive season is one of the most anticipated times of the year. It’s the one where everyone wants to look good, feel good, enjoy, party and most importantly eat all the food they want without gaining an inch of it. It’s the time that is associated with some super-indulgence when it comes to shopping and food. While the prior is an unending quest and is never enough, it’s the latter one that is usually the concern when festivals get over…

And it is only once the festivities get over, do we realise how much we have neglected what we’ve put inside our bodies and all of it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible before we turn ourselves into a couch potato. It is now the time to quit overindulgence in food and drinks, and get back to a healthy detox diet plan and fitness routine. Well, don’t worry about how and if ever you’ll be able to drag yourself to the gym, because if you ask us, there honestly won’t be a need to! Post festive weight is a common phenomenon amongst most of us and it’s completely fine to treat ourselves and have a little fun here and there but all the bulges and inches you gained from it can be taken care of without slogging hours at the gym or going under the knife. 

AKARA clinic is one of the best weight loss clinics you can ask for. With US-FDA approved technology and world class treatments that caters to all your weight loss woes. An initiative by Dr. Simal Soin, AKARA has experte doctors, nutritionists and weight loss specialists that plan programmes that are specific to each individual’s needs and caters to their concerns. 

Healthy Diet Pattern for Detoxification

The first step to get into a healthy diet pattern is to start with body detoxification. After heavy food and drink indulgences our body becomes a store house of accumulated toxins, which put load on our kidneys and liver. Detoxification of the body not only helps in getting rid of these toxins but also helps in boosting up our metabolic rate and puts our body back on track. At AKARA we offer a special four weeks detoxification diet program that not only cleanses your body, but also helps you to shed extra weight gained during festivities,” tells our Weight Management expert at AKARA Clinic.

Unique feature of AKARA’s Detox Diet Program

It includes a variety of combinations of green vegetables and fruit juices to cleanse your liver and incorporates antioxidant rich foods to boost up the metabolic rate. Our experts also suggest that the diet must include a lot of organic foods and nuts to keep you full and thus avoiding starvation. The focus is primarily on maintaining good nutritional and hydration levels.

Now, let us check out a daily diet plan that can be easily followed for detoxing while also staying healthy at the same time. 


General detox diet plan:

Early morning: Take Amla + Aloe Vera + Wheat Grass juice

(mix 2tsp each of these juice in 1 cup of water and drink it empty stomach) 

Breakfast: Oats or Muesli or Wheat Flakes with skimmed milk

Mid meal: Green Tea + 5 soaked Almonds and one Walnut

Lunch: A bowl of vegetable soup with sautéed veggies and mixed green salad

Post lunch: A cup of Green Tea/ Jasmine Tea

Evening:1 glass of Coconut water

Dinner: One Apple with one glass of skimmed milk 

Post dinner: A cup of Green Tea/ Jasmine Tea


Now all you need to do is get ready to start with a detox diet as soon as the festivities get over and you’ll be back in your best shape in no time!

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