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Most of us dream of having a perfect body with Abs and well toned muscles. In order to achieve that, one ends up spending an ample amount of time in the gym and has to go through a strict diet with the proper workout. The workout sessions are mostly tiresome and the diet a tough routine to follow. For some people bodybuilding is like worshipping their body, so they are quite strict with workouts and diets and almost end-up achieving the body they desire, but for others that is not the case and for them there are other ways to get a perfect body. One of the easiest and best ways to get a perfect body is through Emsculpt treatment. AKARA is one of the best weight loss clinics to get in the best shape of your life. AKARA also offers the Emsculpt treatment that reduces your extra fat and also builds your muscles simultaneously. 

Get 6 pack abs with Emsculpt


Emsculpt treatment is completely safe and non-invasive. The treatment attacks the extra fat and breaks it down, resulting in perfectly toned muscles. The treatment is FDA approved and requires around 3-4 sessions to get the best results. It is clinically proven that the treatment reduces around 15-20% of extra fat and the results are visible right from the very first session. The technology uses the rapid vibrational treatment that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic field energy or “supramaximal contractions” of muscle fibers. It creates up to 20,000 contractions in a single 30-minute treatment. Emsculpt delivers such power-packed contractions that it is not possible to get such results via voluntary muscle actions. 

One of the major benefits of this treatment is that it    is quick and convenient; each session is of just 30 minutes and is also why people visit their clinic during the lunch break, take up a session and are back to working their usual day’s activities. No special care needs to be taken after the treatment as the treatment has no downtime and you can go back to doing what you do on a regular basis. 

Another factor to keep in mind is that Emsculpt not only targets the Abs or butts but also helps in shaping up the calves, thigh muscles, biceps and triceps. 

It has been shown that for people who have gone under Emsculpt treatment, it was observed that there was a five time increase in fat metabolism. 

Studies have also shown that Emsculpt aids in muscle recovery. A huge hit with athletes who need to have a faster recovery rate and be back on track to perform their best. The technology helps in rebuilding and increases muscle strength in record time. 

So, say goodbye to your weight loss woes or sweating in the gym for hours. Going on strict diets for months just to enjoy your favourite meal once in months will not be an old story. Now getting the perfect body of your dreams is just 30 minutes away. 

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