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‘Fat’, humankind’s biggest enemy at large that usually comes in the way of our fitness endeavours, has been a point of discussion and sometimes a cause of worry at almost every dinner table. Most of us have heard that ‘Fat’ is not good for our body, something that leads to weight gain, and a cause of a lot of dangerous ailments that hamper our daily functioning

Thanks to the fast-paced lives we lead and the ever-present delicious, unhealthy food available to us at every nook and corner, people around the world have become lazy and complacent about what goes inside their bodies. This easy on-the-go availability of food that’s quick and unhealthy is what promotes an unhealthy, imbalanced diet and lifestyle that ultimately leads to obesity – a global health problem. But while there’s an endless list of foods and products that have a bad effect on our health, there is also a parallel list of foods that are good for your body. They are not just good but can help maintain your diet, improve metabolism, work as great mood enhancers, and could even keep the size of your waistline in check!

There are certain fats that are needed by the body and help form a ‘healthy-balanced diet’. They provide us with energy, help in joint lubrication, keep our skin supple and provide essential fatty acids to our body.

There are two types of fats, ones that are known as ‘Unsaturated fats’ and the other that is known as ‘saturated fats’. The former is the ‘good or healthy’ fat while the latter is known as the ‘bad or unhealthy’ fat.

While the good fat can be seen as oil that flows freely through your arteries, the bad fat is the one that get stuck and clog them up.

To begin with the good fats, the unsaturated fats include ‘polyunsaturated fatty acids’ and ‘monounsaturated fats’, which when taken in moderation and used in place of saturated and trans-fat, can help lower cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Monounsaturated fats (MUFAs): A type of dietary fat, MUFAs house amazing health benefits when consumed in healthy amounts.

Polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs): Another type of dietary fat along with MUFAs that are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Remove unwanted fat

Now talking about bad fat, which is known as ‘saturated’ and ‘trans-fatty acids’, should be taken sparingly and can be completely avoided as well to steer clear from developing the risk of any ailment.

Trans-fat is also of two kinds, one which is naturally found in animal products, dairy and the other known as ‘artificial trans-fat’, that’s basically hydrogenated vegetable oil and is proven to be very harmful to the body.

While not as unhealthy as trans-fat, saturated fats have a high risk of raising your cholesterol levels as well as conditions related to the heart. These are the kind of fats that are albeit unhealthy and harmful for your body, are still suggested by most nutritionists to include in your daily meals. This is after your nutritionist or diet expert has understood your body and your eating habits, the body needs, and what all should be avoided to help you become your best version. Most dieticians recommend 10% of these fats as a daily intake for a healthy balanced diet.

For a healthy balanced diet and for you to be able to make conscious decisions about what you put inside your body, read on to know what food items are beneficial. And which are the ones that can either be completely avoided or put a limit on their intake.

Saturated fats: usually found in meat and poultry, fried items, packaged and processed food items that are ready-to-eat, as they contain unhealthy amounts of industrially created trans-fat. Items like butter, ghee, ice cream, chocolate confectionaries, biscuits, cakes, and many more. Instead, people should replace these products with foods that are equally tasty and much healthier.

Unsaturated food items include nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, beans, avocado, fish like Salmon and Mackerel, peanut butter, and much more. Some of these also contain omega 3 and omega 6 fats which are highly beneficial for the body.

Now that you know how to segregate bad-unhealthy fat from the good-healthy fat, we’re sure you will now be able to make much more conscious decisions not just for you but for those around you. All you need to do is pick healthier or home-cooked options, limit your portions, have a check on your calorie count, and maybe even hit the gym to burn those cheat-day calories.

We at AKARA always believe in consulting a professional before taking the reins of your diet into your own hands. While you may think a particular food or fat may not be needed by your body, when, there might a slight chance that the same particular item is needed by your body.  That can only be found & determined when a weight management expert takes a proper analysis of your body. A thorough check-up, taking notes of what your daily diet comprises of, and as per your health and body weight, it can be figured out which fats are necessary for you and which ones are not.

At AKARA, we provide you with the best-in-class weight loss solutions, all under one roof. A luxury weight loss clinic that’s equipped with world-class technologies and treatments, along with celebrated doctors and weight & nutrition management experts. Under the exceptional supervision of our specialists, AKARA promises to transform the way you look and help you lead a healthier, and fitter life. The treatments at the clinic are non-invasive and completely safe to carry out on all body types. Our nutritionist curates customised programs and diets plans that are tailor-made to your body and its needs.

Always consult a weight specialist so you can take full advantage of the nutrients, minerals, and most importantly fats from the foods you eat.