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You must have heard of the new diet called weight loss intermittent fasting. For the past few years, Intermittent fasting, or IF has become quite a rage amongst influencers receiving a lot of attention as the ultimate weight loss plan. It is a bit different from other kinds of restrictive diets more focussed on consuming lesser calories than you burn. Weight loss intermittent diet (IF) focuses more on when you eat than what you eat.

Therefore, calling it a diet program may not be correct. It is an eating strategy that involves fasting for a set period of time and eating only during a set window of the day. Some weight loss intermittent diets involve fasting on alternative days or restricting calorie consumption for a set period in the week while eating normally on the rest of the days. There are multiple benefits that intermittent fast observers swear by. Some benefits that are known to be related to intermittent fasting if done properly are – fat loss, improved immunity, healthy ageing, lowered risk of type 2 diabetes, reduced visceral fat, lowering of inflammatory responses in the body improving heart health.

However, it has also been found in various science-backed studies that when it comes to weight loss, intermittent fasting does not offer any added advantage over a calorie-restrictive diet plan. With Alchemy by AKARA, you will get dietary solutions according to your weight loss goals and the needs of your body, which will give you the health benefits of intermittent fasting without posing the risks that are involved with it. IF has been demonstrated to be useful in avoiding cancer, improving brain health, and preventing Alzheimer’s, with Alchemy by AKARA, you can get the following health issues resolved just by eating right and on time. This is because, despite the glorious health advantages known to be associated with IF, many studies reveal that men and women may respond to weight loss intermittent fasting differently and the effects on both may be distinct too. It turns out that this fasting method can have multiple detrimental effects on the health of women.

Weight Loss Intermittent Fasting

Negative Effects Weight Loss Intermittent Fasting Can Have on Women:

1. It has been noted that intermittent fasting (IF) worsens a women’s blood sugar rather than improving it. Instead of helping a woman’s glycemic management, weight loss intermittent fasting has been shown to make it worse. To not get your glucose control damaged, it is better to not fast for longer durations and stick to regular diet plans.

2. Weight loss intermittent fasting has been reported to elevate cortisol levels in women by 50%. This worsens stress reaction, places additional strain on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis, and encourages diseases like Cushing syndrome. This would make things even more difficult for women trying to get their hormone levels regulated and their periods back on track. Weight loss experts suggest a circadian fast instead of intermittent fasting to lower your cortisol levels more effectively. Nutritionists at AKARA believe that timing your meals and having them in modest proportions in the earlier part of the day would prove to be more effective.

3. It is a fact that women’s hormones are sensitive to the requirement for a consistent source of energy. Therefore, prolonged fasting may not provide the energy needed throughout the day. Not eating for a longer duration interferes with the HPG axis which is a crucial signaling route. This may have an effect on the Gonadotropin-releasing hormone and other hormones like luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and estrogen.

4. Weight loss intermittent fasting may affect your ability to interact with the ovaries as prolonged fasting affects the hypothalamus. This impairs the release of GnRH, a hormone that controls LH and FSH. Due to the inability to interact with the ovaries, irregular periods and even infertility can arise as a result. It is suggested by the dieticians and nutritionists at AKARA that one should eat enough during their mealtimes and avoid prolonged fasting to avoid getting such issues.

5. Studies have revealed that intermittent fasting, particularly when the eating window is only a few hours, may actually prevent women from getting the required nutrition that their bodies need. Some people think that they can eat processed, carb-heavy foods during their eating window and fast for the rest of the hours. This would further impact the hormone levels negatively. To prevent that from happening, AKARA’s nutritionists advise getting calorie-dense foods and avoiding not eating for a long duration.

If not Weight Loss Intermittent Fasting, Then What?

Weight Loss Intermittent fasting (IF) may have some benefits, particularly for those with severe digestive problems or extremely voracious appetites, it may not be the right solution for everyone. To tackle obesity, issues relating to the gut, and to lose weight, it is better to have other dietary solutions. Diets that involve eating nutritionally balanced meals in the right proportions that are needed by the body are advised by weight loss experts to get the maximum benefit from the foods. It is vital to eat the food that keeps a check on your bodily system, your hormone levels, glucose control, and blood sugar to avoid getting negatively impacted by dieting. At AKARA, we come with the belief that the real magic happens in the kitchen, so get the dietary solution that is right for you at AKARA.

Weight Loss Intermittent Fasting

AKARA Weight Loss Diets over Weight Loss Intermittent fasting for Wellness

Alchemy by AKARA is a unique and exclusive diet program prepared by some of India’s top nutritionists and weight loss specialists to work holistically on the body’s biological makeup. You can achieve the optimum state of health and get completely transformed with this unique program. It focuses on fuelling your body the way it will get the maximum benefit from the food one is eating to keep it disease-free. Alchemy by AKARA is scientifically developed to tackle not just obesity and weight gain but to also ease the symptoms of PCOS, Thyroid, and diabetes. It aims to keep your hormone level regulated and your blood sugar in check for the body to remain in the best of health. Consult an AKARA expert today to get a customized diet plan for yourself.