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Losing weight is not easy for everyone. Some people find it easy shed their extra pounds but keeping the weight off is another challenge. It is not uncommon to see people trying everything from crash diets to weight loss medication and supplements in an attempt to lose that excess weight. But all these methods come with their pros and cons. Whether you are looking for weight loss treatments or want to jumpstart your weight loss pills, there are several options available for you.

You must have probably heard about some of the amazing new non-invasive weight loss technology available today that is much safer than invasive surgical procedures. But you may have also heard about many weight loss medications that are on the market. What does this mean for your options when choosing between a non-invasive treatment or a weight loss medication? Which one do you choose? What are the benefits of each option? Here’s a detailed look at the different treatments available for losing weight. Let us also discuss why you should choose non-invasive treatments over medication for weight loss

Weight Loss Medication not goodWeight Loss Medications for Instant Results?

If you are looking for an instant solution to your weight loss struggles, then you must have already researched weight loss medication. Although such medicines do show instant results, it is important to keep in mind that none of these medications for weight loss are approved for long-term use. There is not enough medical research conducted on the safety and effectiveness of these pills for long-term use. This means that you may not be able to keep off the weight once you stop taking the pills. Taking these pills for the long-term is again neither recommended nor considered safe as they come with their own risks. There are some weight loss medications that are FDA-approved but they are strictly taken on prescription. Talk to your doctor today if you want to lose weight using weight-loss medication.

Are Non-Invasive Treatments Better Alternatives to Weight Loss Medication?

It makes for a scary decision to undergo a surgical procedure or to take pills that come with risks, side effects, and other limitations. Fortunately, there are now many non-invasive options for weight loss that you can choose from, including a combination of diet or exercise, or a combination of both. Non-invasive weight loss is a safe and effective alternative to weight loss medications or surgery. This is because these FDA-approved technologies are specially designed to not only reduce weight and help you lose inches, but also improve your health and stamina by muscle building and core strengthening. Such treatments for weight loss are recommended by more and more health practitioners because they are safe, trusted, painless, and require no downtime for recovery. Find out non-invasive weight loss treatments at AKARA in Delhi and Ludhiana.

How do Non-Invasive Weight Loss and Weight Loss Medication Work?

Each of these weight loss treatments has been proven to work in multiple cases, and research supports their effectiveness. Let’s take a look at both these options and see how they work:

Weight Loss Medication – Weight Loss medication work by making multiple changes in the body. Firstly, they suppress appetite and increase the feeling of fullness. Some medicines also work by interfering with fat absorption. However, these weight-loss medications are not always recommended by doctors. They come with health risks and hormonal imbalances. Many times, one is required to regulate their hormones to treat the underlying cause behind their excess weight. In such a case, such pills may worsen the case. There are also cases when some people lose weight quickly using such weight loss pills but then after the completion of the course, start seeing the reversal of the fortune. Diet pills are known for altering hormones in the body and are therefore not recommended very often by doctors.

Non-Invasive Weight Loss – Through the beneficial use of ultrasound, thermal energy, lymphatic drainage massage, and radiofrequency, non-invasive weight loss works wonders. Even though these treatments show effective results, they do not show results as fast and dramatic as medication or surgeries. By not acting as quickly, they also become safer than those options too. Non-invasive technology is FDA-approved and is a painless procedure as they need no cuts or incisions. They are zero-downtime treatments, and you don’t need to stay more than a few hours at the clinic for your session. Most of these treatments are based on a combination of ancient knowledge and modern science. The effectiveness of these treatments is proven, with many of them having been practiced for years.

AKARA Non-Invasive Weight Loss Programs VS Weight Loss Medications

Some popular weight loss programs at AKARA to choose from that are non-invasive rather than going for weight loss medication.

  • AKARA Slim and Tone – This program is meant for those who wish to tone their body and muscles. The treatments involved in this program consist of FDA-cleared technologies which are combined with customized diet plans for body fat reduction and slimming.

  • AKARA Strength and Sculpt – This program is popular among those looking for body sculpting and to target abdomen fat. FDA-cleared treatments matched with diet plans help clients in strengthening their core and muscles and getting effective inch loss.

  • AKARA Body Detox – With globally trusted and exclusive FDA-approved technologies, this program not only helps in losing weight but also in body detoxification. It helps in reducing bloating, water retention, and unblocking your body’s lymph nodes. 

  • AKARA Mommy Makeover – Mindfully designed for new moms and toddler mothers, this program addresses post-partum weight and uses only non-invasive, highly safe, and relaxing technologies for post-pregnancy weight loss. 

  • Alchemy by AKARA – At AKARA, we believe that most of the magic happens in the kitchen. Our weight loss experts, experienced nutritionists, and doctors in the country design customized diets according to the client’s goals and bodily needs. These diets are made after making a case history involving all the health ailments, medications, and allergies faced by the client.

With these programs at AKARA located in Delhi (Mehrauli & Khan Market) and in Ludhiana, we perform only safe and effective weight loss after detailed consultation. Weight loss is a journey that goes along with overall health, stamina, and fitness.

Weight loss with these technologies has become easy but if you are concerned about your face fat in the chin area, you can also try non-surgical treatments like Ultherapy at AAYNA.

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