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At AKARA, we come with the belief that real magic happens in the kitchen. It is often a misconception that going on a restrictive diet or eating lesser than your hunger is the way toward weight loss, but it is completely untrue. Eating right is the key. Neither do you have to starve yourself nor do you have to go on a bland, unrealistic diet to get in your best shape. Here are a few weight loss tips that you can apply in your Indian kitchen which would help you get the best results while you eat exactly what your body needs.

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Weight Loss Tips that you Can Apply in your Indian Kitchen –

Weight loss tips any day can make a long list. But our main focus is providing you with the weight loss tips that you can apply easily in your desi kitchen. Apart from diet, you can achieve the desired level of fitness through regular exercise, yoga, and outdoor activities. Here are a few tips that are great for your kitchen:

  1. Don’t Overeat or Under-Eat

    One of the underrated weight loss tips is that you should eat only what your body needs. Overeating may increase your daily calorie intake while restricting yourself from eating the right amount may leave your body craving. To keep your mind and body fresh and active and not gain weight, it is best to eat only as much as your body needs. To know about your body composition and the nutrition that it needs on an average every day, get in touch with an AKARA nutritionist today.

  2. Watch Your Fructose Consumption

    Fructose or fruit sugar is a component found in almost all fruits as well as other plant-based vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are considered to be a healthier choice to be included in a meal but due to an extra fructose intake from over-ripe fruits and vegetables, the benefits may get nullified. There is no need to stop eating fruits and vegetables altogether, but it is better to steer clear of overripe fruits.

  3. Don’t Drink What You Can Eat

    you are having the wrong thing if you could have eaten it.  in order to reap the greatest advantages from fruits and veggies, you should stay away from blended juices. Instead, eat the whole fruit to get the maximum benefit from the nutrients of the fruit.  It can become even less beneficial if more sugar or a preservative is added in the juice. It is always better to eat the whole fruit and you will get the nutrients and the hydration in it too.

  4. Consume Naturally Occurring Protein

    One of the weight loss tips that you must have listened from many is to increase your protein intake. But Instead of consuming protein through supplements and powdered form, you should get naturally occurring protein. Supplemented protein may get difficult to digest, so it is best to include a protein-rich diet in your regular meals. Your body may face nutritional deficiency if you are not having a protein-rich diet and/ or if you follow a vegetarian diet without any animal protein. In that case, include plant-based protein and dairy-based protein in your meals by adding more lentils (daal), kidney beans, soy milk, soya, paneer, tofu, broccoli, mushroom, etc.

  5. Avoid Processed Food

    It is better if your food generally comes from a plant or an animal and is not processed before being cooked. Highly processed food is generally high in sugar, salt, and preservatives that give lesser nutritional benefits and increase the chance of obesity.  Having processed food once in a while may be fine but having them regularly may not be a healthy option at all. Even foods that look healthy like packet soups are not as good as the soups cooked directly from the veggies.

  6. Get your Fat Right

    Not all fats are bad for you. Some fats are good for your body as they reduce the sugar spike after meals. A meal that involves monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats is healthful and balanced. These good fats can be derived from foods like olive oil, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish. Saturate fat present in ghee, butter etc. is also not unhealthy

    and can be taken for a balanced meal plan. Bad fats that are industrial-made trans fat are not considered nutritious and should be avoided for weight management.

  7. Get Resistant Starches over Refined Starches

    Starches are complex carbohydrates that your body takes longer to break down into glucose – which is the main source of energy. Starch is a good source of energy and they also contain fiber, calcium, iron, and Vitamin B. The process of your body breaking down starch is also good for your gut health. Resistant starches present in oatmeal, cashews, green bananas, legumes, etc are more healthful than refined starch present in white flour, polished rice, breakfast cereals, pasta, etc.

Weight Loss Tips at AKARA Weight Loss Clinic

Your weight loss goals do not require you to go on a starving diet at all. You can get your favourite foods in moderation while balancing and planning the meal in the right way. Mindful eating is always better and you will reap the benefits of your meals if you bring a change in the way you consume food. In order to under the right amount of nutrition that your body needs and to know how to fulfill that nutrition, the top nutritionists at AKARA may be able to help you. Get in touch with a weight loss expert at AKARA today to get your body composition analysis done and to get a diet that is according to your taste and the needs of your body. Each body is unique on its own and has different kinds of needs and restrictions, so it is best to consult an expert before planning your meal in your weight loss journey. Along with diet consultation, you can get weight loss treatments for target fat reduction and to improve your core strength and stamina. Our detox programs are also helpful in reducing water retention and bloating, while our Mommy Makeover Plan is scientifically designed for the new mother wanting to get post-pregnancy weight loss treatments done. Our Alchemy program is beneficial to controlling symptoms of PCOS, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity too. Along with these treatments and programs, you will get the weight loss tips right for you that are going to be completely personalised. Book your consultation at AKARA today.