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In a world where everyone is getting conscious and much more aware by the day, people have started putting more emphasis on their physical appearances. From those intermittent fasting sessions and dietary plans that starve you, to adding extra hours at the gym and putting your body through intense painful exercises, we’ve done it all. There are days when you feel you have achieved everything in your workout routine but then you look at yourself in the mirror, you realise there’s still a long way to go. Disheartened that maybe that bulge just won’t go away after all, no matter how hard you try. AKARA by AAYNA is here to step in and help you with all your weight loss and body issues. Most of us have searched the internet on ‘How to get slim legs?’ or ‘What exactly does a tummy tuck do?’ or ‘How to get rid of bra bulges’, so you can flaunt that deep back dress you’ve saved for your birthday!

bra bulges

AKARA makes all this possible and more. Consider AKARA your friend in the neighbourhood who has all the solutions to your bodily issues. Read on to understand what programs would suit you and your areas of concern the most:

AKARA Bulge Removal

If you have pockets of fat/bulge that won’t budge no matter how hard you follow a good diet and exercise regimen then AKARA Bulge Removal Program your calling! This program includes a combination of technologies to reduce fat and improves contour of targeted area.

AKARA Bulge Removal Program

How will this program benefit you?
● Dual action of fat reduction and skin tightening.
● Visible inch loss on specific areas like arms, love handles and bra fat.
● Our exclusive programs help in improving the sagginess within a few sessions.
● Visible results in just 6 – 8 sessions.
● We have specially designed our program to be non-invasive.

AKARA Tummy Tuck

All of us want a flat tummy but are scared to get under the knife to achieve this body shaping goal. And more than half of us have looked up for a tummy tuck belt as the ultimate solution but in vain.

To address this concern, we offer our completely non-surgical AKARA Tummy Tuck Program which helps in reducing abdominal fat, giving a more toned, firm abdomen with close comparable results to surgical procedures.

AKARA Tummy Tuck

How will this program benefit you?
● These treatments can work in different penetration depths which help in melting deeper fat cells and initiate the collagen remodeling on surface area for skin tightening.
● Helps in improving muscle tone giving a contoured abdomen. This treatment is effective for men as well as women
● This treatment is great to improve loose postpartum belly

AKARA Slim Legs

Ever wondered how to get slim legs quickly? AKARA’s Slim Leg Program will help you reduce unwanted fat on thighs/calves and improve skin texture in just a few sessions.

AKARA Slim Legs

How will this program benefit you?
● Our treatment is highly effective for fat reduction and inch loss.
● Improves muscle tone thus improving saggy inner thighs.
● Immediate relief and comfort for heavy legs, water retention and poor circulation
● Relieves leg pain and swelling
● Improves blood flow and oxygenation
● Thighs/calves shaping with reduced localized edema.

Now getting that body of your dreams doesn’t seem like a farfetched idea. Address your weight loss concerns with AKARA by AAYNA and get that perfect body you’ve always dreamt of!

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